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Forgetting your stresses and tensions for 60-75 minutes a few times each week while being led through a great yoga sequence that will move, stretch and strengthen your body whilst deeply relaxing your mind.

Maybe a weekend yoga and meditation retreat to get you ‘off the grid’ and back into a deeper connection with yourself.

What about a new career in teaching yoga and meditation?

We are here to support your health, wellness, career and lifestyle needs fully. We have more than 20 well trained instructors, teaching at one of our 2 studios on the Sunshine Coast PLUS year round retreats and yoga teacher training courses to take your practice and life to the next level.

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Yoga Classes - Sunshine Coast

We teach in the beautiful flowing style of vinyasa yoga which incorporates all movements with the flow of breath. Practicing in this way energises and invigorates the entire body and mind. You will leave each class feeling refreshed and alive, whilst noticing a wonderful peace and calm within the mind.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Do you sometimes attend regular yoga classes and just wish you could learn more about correct alignment, breathing, meditation and even the philosophy of yoga?

Have you fallen in love with yoga so much that you want to possibly teach others?

If so, join us for one of our inspirational yoga teacher training courses. Learn more about yoga in these 6 months than in 5 years of regular classes and have a heap of fun along the way. Comprehensive 200hr and 500 hour yoga courses running regularly throughout the year.

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Would you like to quieten some of that noise in your mind, feel clearer, happier and more focussed? Mindfulness meditation will give you simple strategies for managing your mind, emotions and health that are scientifically proven to help you live a better quality of life.

Check out our regular intro to mindfulness courses, retreats, teacher trainings, books and online programmes to help you rediscover that peaceful person inside.

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Recall how good you feel after taking a refreshing dip in the ocean or breathing that crisp mountain air. Now imagine feeling this good for 3, 4 or 7 days on a yoga and meditation retreat. It’s often hard to believe that it’s legal to feel this good! Retreat is a precious time to reconnect, tune in, slow down and breathe. Give yourself a gift this year…

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