Imagine being able to take a magical little pill each day that would almost instantly make you happier, healthier and potentially help you live a longer more satisfying life.

Would you take it?

Now imagine, if you could do all of this by simply sitting still, breathing slowly and relaxing your mind for just 10 minutes each day.

If you are like the millions of other people around the world who have become fascinated with what meditation can potentially bring to your life then this might be the most important few minutes of your day…

Meditation truly is like a magical little pill. The great news is that you don’t need a doctor to prescribe it.  Even better there are no major side effects!


Hi, my name is Michael Daly and I’m the founder and creator of Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation. I’m excited to share this simple yet powerful 5 week course with you that will not only teach you how to meditate successfully but more importantly inspire you to get started straight away.

After learning nearly every meditation on the planet for the last 20 years, I decided to take the absolute best ingredients from all these traditions and leave out all the confusing or superstitious content.  Calm Living is the result.  It's your simple meditation guide that aims to guarantee you maximum success in the least amount of time.

Ask Yourself – would you like…

As you get started into this 5 week course called Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation, you will begin to experience many of these things in no time at all.

That’s been my experience in teaching thousands of students over the years.  Even more excitingly, that’s what all the research is pointing to as well.

Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation is your secret weapon that can almost guarantee you increased happiness, greater wellbeing and a much better quality of life.


Here’s a sneek peak at what you will discover in this course:

Calm Living

Create a lifelong Practice

The 4 simple steps to creating a lifelong meditation practice – this is the real gift of Calm Living. Two thousand years of meditation distilled down into four easy steps anyone can use.
online Meditation Course

Keep it Fresh

A unique menu system of practices and techniques that allow you to build your own meditation sessions from the ground up. This will keep your meditation alive and fresh for years.

Choose the Practice Length for your Lifestyle

14 guided meditation tracks ranging from shorter 10 minute sessions to 20, 30 and 45 minute longer immersions.

Easy Videos to Learn More

A range of entertaining weekly videos that skilfully take you from beginners mind to experienced meditator in just 5 weeks.

Find Your Unique Meditation Style

A unique process of meditation that is aimed at you finding your preferred style rather than declaring that ‘my way is better than your way’.

A little secret

Some years ago a I met a teacher in India who shared a great secret with me about my mind and how to use it in meditation and in life. It completely changed my life. The main reason I wrote this course was so I could share this secret of meditation with you.

When I was starting out in meditation, I so wish that someone had told me what I will share with you in the first week of this course. It would have saved me many years of hard effort and struggle. The real secret is about effortlessness…

When you really get this secret, then meditation changes dramatically. One of my students described it like this.

‘Meditation used to be this hard chore I would have to make myself do each morning. I knew it was beneficial but I really had to force myself to do it. Now I just can’t wait to sit each morning. This has changed everything’.

The biggest risk is doing nothing. Do something

Join this much loved and scientifically backed programme of mindfulness meditation from the comfort of your own home.

Course Cost:  $145
Includes:  5 Weeks of Guided Meditations - 22 Video Lessons - Free Copy of Calm Living eBook - Weekly Motivation Emails


I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible 5 weeks . The development from week one through to this week all makes so much sense. It has put many things into perspective for me and has opened many doors.You were so right when you said that the days you don't meditate are different - restless I suppose not quite as settled.

Thankyou for sharing your incredible knowledge and resources .

Liz Ireland

Would you agree

That the way you’ve been living life to this point hasn’t fully solved the problem of stress, anxiety or that lingering sense of discontent and unhappiness deep inside?

Are you ready to find another way?

And could a course in mindfulness meditation be just what you need?

If the answer is yes then why not?

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