Bali Yoga Retreat FAQ

**Important Information**

You can easily get a Tourist Visa on Arrival (As long as you stay under 30 days) If you plan to stay longer than 30 days then please organise this with the Indonesian Consulate well before departure.

It is a requirement of the Indonesian Government that you have at least 6 months validity on your passport before entering the country.  Please check your passport now!

Do I have to find my own way to the retreat centre?
Yes. Getting to the retreat centre is very easy. You fly into Denpasar airport and then from the official taxi stand (go to the right as you exit the terminal) , arrange a transport directly to Ananda Cottages, Ubud. The trip takes around 45 – 60 minutes and should cost anywhere from 200 000 – 300 000 rupees. The official taxi stand is a fixed price service- you pay at the counter, then a driver is arranged for you. If you are arriving late in the evening it might be advisable to arrange for one nights accommodation in Kuta beach or Denpasar and then head up the next day.

We can arrange transfers for you if necessary. In such instances Ananda Cottages charges $35 US each way.

What if I’m really tired some days?
This retreat is all about YOU. Please don’t feel that you need to keep up with everyone else if on some days you just really need to rest and rejuvenate. There is no pressure from us as to how much or how little you want to do.

What should I bring?

  • - Warm weather clothes & swimmers (the resort has 4 pools to choose from)
  • - A few changes of yoga wear - You will be practicing both morning and evening in fairly warm temperatures. You can have clothes washed at the retreat centre and there are also shops in town to purchase clothes from.
  • - Yoga Mat
  • - Extra yoga props if needed - If you regularly use a strap or even a block you might like to bring these along as we won’t have all these extra props with us. You can use a pillow or cushion from your room for meditation.
  • - Good walking shoes/joggers/hiking shoes
  • - A journal, pen
  • - Inscect repellent (if you know they like you ;)
  • - Sunscreen
  • - A refillable water bottle - the resort provides filtered water so that we don't have to contribute to the plastic bottle problem in Bali
  • - A reusable shopping bag - again, so not to contribute to the plastic bag problem in Bali
  • - Ear plugs (optional – helpful for light sleepers!)
  • - Small blanket or shawl (optional)
  • - Meditation cushion (optional – you could use the pillow from your room)

Arrival and departure times?
We begin on the first day at 1pm. The yoga hall is located on the resort grounds, staff can show you where it is. Please ensure that you are settled in to your accommodation in plenty of time beforehand.

On the final day we normally finish around noon.

How much money should I bring?
All of your major expenses are covered throughout in terms of accommodation and food. However, most people love to shop and to feast on some of the many other culinary delights around Ubud. Massages are also a daily essential!

So you can spend as much or as little as you want. Read and relax by the pool or hit the streets each afternoon, the choice is yours.

There are plenty of ATM’s and money changers all over Ubud.

What about Bali belly?
If you’re worried about getting sick, it might be wise to see your Doctor about taking some travel antibiotics, nausea and diarrhoea tablets, headache pills and maybe some gastrolyte. Having said this though, the food at the retreat centre is absolutely fabulous and safe as are most other restaurants in Ubud.

We advise to only eat salad at reputable restaurants (feel free to ask us which ones). These restaurants wash the salad in filtered water for westerners. If you are unsure about a specific establishment, go with a cooked meal for that day!

When brushing your teeth be sure to use your bottled water rather than the tap water. Many are fine but it is best to be sure.

Should you get sick on retreat there is a wonderful doctor close by who will readily see you in your room. If you get travel insurance, the cost of the doctor should be covered.

Can I bring family members and children?
Most certainly. If you would like to bring your partner or family and just do the yoga yourself then we can negotiate a package price for you separately. Alternatively, if you’d like to encourage your partner to do the yoga with you we are also offering a family/partner package.

Payments and Refunds
Your deposit is only refundable if you cancel your place with more than two months notice from the retreat commencing.  We require 30 days notice from the date of retreat commencement for refunds of full retreat payments.  Otherwise, Being Yoga is committed to the retreat centre and is liable for costs.  There will be no retreat refunds if your position is cancelled within 30 days of the retreat commencing