Kate Crozier

Kate responded to the call of Teacher Training knowing that it was time to step into sharing the practice that had awakened so much within her.

From the first moment of immersion Kate dropped the layers of conditioning and came back to what she describes as 'home' and by the time she had completed her 200 HR Teacher Training she was adamant that she would work with the higher energies of the body, mind and spirit to transform herself and others.

Today, nearly a decade later, this is still the case as Kate works as an Intuitive Body Worker through a number of modalities including Reiki, Kinesiology and Access Bars.

Kate's classes speak to the energy of the body helping to unlock students from within, and are steeped in the foundations of body intelligence, self-inquiry and rooted deeply in the breath.

Kate believes that when you raise your hand to teach you are equally raising your hand to learn and she sees every day as an opportunity to grow, connect and expand both on and off the mat.