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Yoga and the Art of Living

Part Time Course 6 Months - March 2018 Intake

A past student once said, ‘everyone on the planet should do a course like this one day’.

We couldn’t agree more!

A yoga teacher training course is one of those really amazing life experiences. You get super healthy and fit, learn loads of new tools for your personal yoga practice, find a new motivation in life, enjoy what a quiet focussed mind can actually feel like and maybe just maybe start a whole new career in teaching and helping others.

AND if you needed any more than this, when doing the Being Yoga teacher training course you get to disappear from life on a 4 day yoga and meditation retreat, connect with a network of cool new friends, stay motivated with our online learning platform as well as having the opportunity to come teach for us at one of our many studios.

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Brisbane Yoga Teacher Trainers;

Hi, our names are Michael Daly and Vanessa Rudge. We are the founders of Being Yoga and the creators of this 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training programme. We’ve been teaching yoga, managing busy studios, running retreats and facilitating our Level 1 and 2 training courses for over 20 years.

We’ve built this teacher training course on one core principle – Worlds Best Practice…

We are not a ‘style of yoga’ nor do we belong to any guru or tradition. Our aim has been to seek out, study and practice what we believe is the best yoga, meditation, anatomy, personal development and philosophy on the planet today. We take the best from the old and the new and distil this into a really potent yet really fun style of yoga training that is highly relevant for today’s modern world. We’d love to share this path with you.


Ask Yourself – where would you love to be at the end of this course. Would you like:

After teaching over thirty Level 1 courses over the past decade we can almost guarantee that this is what you will end up with. The great news is that all you need to do is take it one step at a time, dive in and just enjoy the journey.

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In this training you will be taken through four key modules of learning:

Brisbane Yoga Training Course


The Align module brings everything back to basics. You learn how to safely align over 70 yoga postures using the unique Being Yoga Central Alignment Technique. This is a template we have developed that makes understanding and teaching alignment to others simple and effortless. You learn how to adapt yoga poses to each individual ensuring a dynamic evolution of the body rather than just being stuck in some fixed model of what yoga 'should' look like. Anatomy and Physiology is explored in this module alongside an introduction to the History and underlying philosophies of yoga.
Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane


The enhance module is where everything starts to flow. You learn how to align your practice with the breath, how to move, feel into and experience yoga from an entirely new perspective. This module is taught on retreat where there is a chance to deepen your yoga practice, step away from the world and dive a little deeper within. Pranayama, mantra and deeper philosophies are also explored in this module.
Brisbane Yoga Teacher Training Course


During the observe module you will fall in love with meditation and develop an inner life practice that will become one of the great jewels of your yoga training journey. You will learn and practice a number of simple yet powerful methods of meditation. This module is about looking into yourself with a deepening sense of awareness and clarity.
Yoga Teacher Training Course Brisbane


The first three modules are about establishing yourself in yoga and developing a practice for life. Having spent this much time working on yourself, teaching now starts to become effortless and heartfelt. Intensive and focussed training is provided on all elements of teaching, from correct alignment, giving adjustments, appropriate language, sequencing, planning a class and how to teach to specialist groups such as beginners and pregnancy.
Teaching begins in small groups from the outset, applying what is learned on each day. Learning by teaching is the way of Being Yoga. You are empowered to make loads of mistakes, to laugh at yourself and gradually grow in your capacities to communicate this life changing practice to others.

Course Costs:

Brisbane Yoga Teachers Course

$3800 - Price Includes

• 20 Days of Comprehensive Hands on Training

• Fully catered 4 day residential retreat

• 15 Classes at any Being Yoga Studio

• 3 Comprehensive Training Manuals

• Access to Being Yoga online video training library for the duration of the course


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I feel very blessed to be studying under your guidance. Your wisdom and knowledge is truly amazing and you have a wonderful way with words. You truly are a gifted teacher. Thank you for taking me to my extreme best and then leaving me feeling, 'hey I can do better than that'! I feel I have grown so much and I have only scratched the surface.

Cheryl - Sunshine Coast Course

Making a choice

‘Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the entire stair case. It’s enough to just take the first step’! Martin Luther King

There are a lot of yoga teacher training courses out there today, some are great and others not so wonderful. Many teachers are a little inexperienced due to relaxed standards in the yoga industry. Some schools cut corners by just making you do loads of regular classes and not offering enough focussed hands on training. Unfortunately, we have had many students come and do our course over the years after not being satisfied with their training elsewhere.

So, when making a decision, do your homework and find out what’s important to you. Is it just convenience and cost or is the potential for a truly life changing experience valuable for you? Does experience count?

We are so happy to have a chat with you about all of this if you feel uncertain in any way about all the choices out there. We have made our yoga teacher training course our life’s work and we’d love to share with you all the great things we’ve picked up along the way. With over 7000 hours of yoga training behind us we feel we are in a great position to really serve your needs fully.

Or if you are ready to jump in please…

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