Being Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training

300 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course

Start Anytime

This 300 hour level 2 yoga course is presented in 5 great modules. You need to do 4 to complete your training.

The first two modules -Align Refine(Module 1) and Creative Sequencing(Module 2) are core modules.You need to do these.

The others are electives. Simply choose the two modules that interest you the most from modules 3 - 5.

You can definitely do all modules it will just cost a little more. Let us know if this is your choice and we'll work it out with you.

Details: You can start anytime. Modules don't need to be done in order. You have up to 3 years to complete your training.

Module 1 (Core Module) - Align Refine + Restorative Yoga

Align Refine - this module gives you a new and deeper understanding of the body and its alignment. This is where most yoga teachers seem to need more training. Beautiful and intricate understandings of the body's mechanics, anatomy and movement principles are taught. The training focuses on 3 critical areas:
- principles of muscular activation for increased strength and flexibility.
- hands on adjusting for yoga teachers working with a range of level 2 postures and a new system of energetic alignment.
- key alignment principles, co-activations and specific anatomy for the hips, spine and shoulders.

Restorative Yoga - 3 day retreat. This module takes the best of Yin yoga and adapts it to be safer and more effective for long term practice. Using props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks this style of yoga addresses the modern day epidemic of stress and anxiety by allowing slow and deep immersions in yoga postures without any effort. Restorative yoga classes are always full in yoga studios. Taught over a blissful 3 day retreat, this module is the perfect balance to the stronger style of vinyasa yoga.

Module 2 (Core Module) - Creative + Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing 

These two modules are some of the most popular training courses at Being Yoga. They are fun, creative and highly practical. Over the past 20 years Being Yoga has become known for its creativity and freshness in class sequencing. In these courses there are many light bulb moments for students when they start to really 'get' the theory of sequencing and why everything fits together the way it does in vinyasa. Being Yoga have created unique sequencing templates that make understanding vinyasa yoga easy. You will also receive two large manuals with literally hundreds of new flows and sequences. These modules will keep your teaching fresh for decades.

Module 3 - Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness

This is a unique course that offers you the time to deepen your own practice of mindfulness meditation while at the same time preparing you to teach meditation in studios, workshops and also a 5 week meditation course called Calm Living. You participate in a 4 day Calm Living Mindfulness retreat where you deepen your practice and understanding of meditation. You then participate in 4 days of focused hands on facilitator training, which prepares you to deliver, teach and hold space for students with mindfulness meditation. A powerful 8 days of your life. It is recommended that you have at least 2 years of regular meditation practice behind you before commencing this module.

Module 4 - Chakra Vinyasa

This wonderful training that is offered as a 6 day retreat offers you so many new tools, practices, sequencing ideas and insights to add to your teaching. It is also a powerful personal growth course that works with advanced pranayama, bandhas, subtle body meditations, kundalini yoga and self enquiry meditation alongside a fascinating immersion in the life enriching Tantric philosophy. A hugely popular course that will inspire you for years.

Module 5 -Pregnancy Yoga

Through this 6 day training you will gain confidence in supporting pregnant women at all levels on this great rite of passage into motherhood. There are 3 aspects to this training:

  • - Prenatal yoga - learn safe and effective yoga postures for all stages of pregnancy, understand safety issues, learn about pregnancy breathwork, relaxation and visualisation plus how to conduct a 6 week course in prenatal yoga.
  • - Active Birthing - learn key principles for the birthing process including optimal birthing position, importance of posture, yoga based birthing moves, the role of the support person, visualisation for birthing.
  • - Postnatal yoga - safe practice for returning to yoga, yoga with your baby, pelvic floor work, interactive play and massage.