Being Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

Full Course Information

Mandala of the Awakened Heart

The Being Yoga teacher training course is taught under the evolutionary system of vinyasa yoga. The way you breathe, the way you feel, the way you flow with all the events of life. This is vinyasa.

Vinyasa yoga is so much more than just a few yoga postures put together with the breath. It is a way of practicing that becomes the foundation of your entire life. Everything in nature has a rhythm, an energy, an internal aliveness.

The aim of vinyasa yoga is to attune your body, mind and life with this inner spirit that moves within and through everything.

This much loved training course has been put together carefully in order to progress students in a potent and systematic way from beginners mind right through to their graduation as powerful yoga teachers. There are four pillars that form the essence of this programme:

  • Align
  • Enhance
  • Observe
  • Serve


The Align module brings everything back to basics. You learn how to safely align over 70 yoga postures using the Being Yoga Central Alignment Technique. You learn how to simplify alignment down to three foundations, which helps your practice and teaching become more effortless.

You learn how to adapt yoga poses to each individual ensuring a dynamic evolution of the body rather than just being stuck in some fixed model of what yoga 'should' look like. Anatomy and Physiology is explored in this module alongside an introduction to the History and underlying philosophies of yoga.


The enhance module is where everything starts to flow. You learn how to align your practice with the breath, how to move, feel into and experience yoga from an entirely new perspective. This module is taught on retreat where there is a chance to deepen your yoga practice and also step away from the world and dive a little deeper within. Pranayama, mantra and deeper philosophies are also explored in this module.


During the observe module you will fall in love with meditation and come to understand just why it is considered the highest form of yoga practice. You will learn and practice a number of simple yet powerful methods of meditation. This module is about looking into yourself with a deepening sense of awareness and clarity. You will develop an inner life practice that will become one of the great jewels of your yoga training journey. Many of the yogic and buddhist philosophies are explored. In addition, a range of highly effective relaxation techniques, including Yoga Nidra, are taught throughout.


The first three modules are about establishing yourself in yoga and developing a practice for life. From here the course comes full circle. Having spent this much time working on yourself, teaching now starts to become effortless and heartfelt.

Intensive and focussed training is provided on all elements of teaching, from correct alignment, giving adjustments, appropriate language, sequencing, planning a class and teaching to specialist groups such as beginners and pregnancy.

Teaching begins in small groups from the outset, applying what is learned on each day. Learning by teaching is the way of Being Yoga. You are empowered to make loads of mistakes, to laugh at yourself and gradually grow in your capacities to communicate this life changing practice to others.

Breakdown of Course Hours
  • Techniques/Training & Practice 100hrs
  • Teaching Methodology 25hrs
  • Anatomy & Physiology 20hrs
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Teachers 20hrs
  • Practicum 25hrs
  • Attending 15 Classes outside the training days

    The remaining 20 non-contact hours consist of home study, completing assignments and review questions from the above subjects.

Being Yoga have a grand vision that every human being on this planet may one day practice yoga. We believe that this ancient practice might just have the power to change this world for the better. If you would love to be a part of that vision then we would love to have you with us on this wonderful journey into Vinyasa Yoga and the Art of Living. Please book in early to avoid disappointment.